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Tahoe Rug Studio has been in Tahoe City since 1997. It is owned by George Postrozny, who grew up with oriental rugs in the home and began buying old tribal rugs while on a hiking trip in Asia in 1985. Tahoe Rug Studio only makes and buys rugs which are well made, offer good value, have character and that are truly likeable. As a result of our relationships throughout the rug-producing world, we are proud of our ability to find the right rugs for our clients’ homes and in turn develop long term relationships with them.

We are honored to work with a product that is both an art form and an essential contribution to a well appointed home. Hand made rugs are one of the most sustainable products ever made, when cared for correctly they can last generations. The weaving of these rugs rekindle and keep alive indigenous cultural traditions.

Being in harmony with the natural world is increasingly part of global awareness. Naturally hand-made rugs exceed the most environmentally stringent standards of sustainability and eco-friendliness.